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Implementing Multiselect feature on AutoCompleteExtender

AjaxControlToolkit’s AutoComplete extender is designed to be a single selection control. i.e. When user selects a value the dropdown list will be closed and selected text will be assigned to targeted textbox control.

Recently I got a question on the Forums where the user wants to make the AutoCompleteExtender a multi select one. Besides the chosen values should be appended to textbox as comma separated values. This question caught my attention as it was a little tricky.

Here are the details of requirements

  • Keep the dropdown list of options on AutoComplete Extender opened
  • Allow multiple selection on AutoComplete Extender
  • Add the string to target textbox control as comma separated strings

We need to come up with a custom implementation to accomplish this requirement.  When I looked at some threads I found the code to keep the list opened. However, I need to customize it to generate comma separated values.

You can find complete implementation details here

Add a behaviorID to AutocompleteExtender control. We will use this id to close the dropdown list after user selecting values

Now we need to add a button to close the dropdown list after selecting values

Add the following javascript function to your page to close the window

Now we need to customize the inbuilt function “_setText” and “_hideCompletionList” function in order to accomplish our requirement

Complete Code



Code to populate the list when user type in characters on textbox




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