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Bundling and Minification in AspNetCore


In this article we will look into an easy option to do bundling and minification in Asp.Net Core. For those who are new to Bundling and Minification let’s try to understand these concepts.


Bundling is the process of combining multiple javascript files to a single file. By this way we will reduce the number of requests needed for loading the files. i.e. if we had javascript code in multiple files then system will generate multiple requests to load all files however since we bundled all files there will be only one requests to load file. This will improve the load time.


Minification is the process of reducing the size of files (css , javascript). Usually size reduction happens by removing unwanted spaces in file.

For ex, below Javascript code

will change like below after minification.

Bundling and Minification using Gulp

We have variety of options available for Third party tools like Gulp and Grunt can be used to do bundling and minification process. However the problem with this approach is it involves additional steps which are slightly complex.

Using Bundler and Minification Extension

Mads Kristensen has created an extension namely “Bundler and Minifier”, using this we can easily do both bundling and minification in Asp.netCore. You can download the installer for extension from here.

Once you installed the extension, to do bundling and minification all you do is to Right click on the file and then select Bundler & Minifier option.

2017-08-22 14_38_43-Clipboard

If you have a single javascript file then you will see the only Minify File option.


Once you select the option extension will generate the minified file for us. We can also follow the same process to minify css files as well.


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