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How to find the installed location of svcutil.exe of VisualStudio in your machine

In this article I am going to explain an option to find the installer location of svcutil.exe in each machine. Usually the location of svcutil.exe depends on the Visual Studio installation location and Visual Studio version which you installed. So normally the links which you will find in one machine may or may not work for other machines.

Your best option to get the location of svcutil.exe is to use the VisualStudio Command Prompt and then use the command “where svcutil.exe”

Please follow the below steps for Visual Studio 2010( Mostly the path will be same for other versions of visual studio)

  • Start
  • All Programs
  • Select Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual  Studio Tools
  • Visual Studio Command Prompt(2010)

when you select the above option you will get a window like given below and to that you need to type “where svcutil.exe

Press Enter after putting in the command and you will get the details listed out in command prompt.


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