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Implementing Multiselect feature on AutoCompleteExtender

AjaxControlToolkit’s AutoComplete extender is designed to be a single selection control. i.e. When user selects a value the dropdown list will be closed and selected text will be assigned to targeted textbox control.

Recently I got a question on the Forums where the user wants to make the AutoCompleteExtender a multi select one. Besides the chosen values should be appended to textbox as comma separated values. This question caught my attention as it was a little tricky.

Here are the details of requirements

  • Keep the dropdown list of options on AutoComplete Extender opened
  • Allow multiple selection on AutoComplete Extender
  • Add the string to target textbox control as comma separated strings

We need to come up with a custom implementation to accomplish this requirement.  When I looked at some threads I found the code to keep the list opened. However, I need to customize it to generate comma separated values.

You can find complete implementation details here

Add a behaviorID to AutocompleteExtender control. We will use this id to close the dropdown list after user selecting values

Now we need to add a button to close the dropdown list after selecting values

Add the following javascript function to your page to close the window

Now we need to customize the inbuilt function “_setText” and “_hideCompletionList” function in order to accomplish our requirement

Complete Code



Code to populate the list when user type in characters on textbox




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Applying css style on cellClass not working in Angular UIGrid

cellClass is an attribute which allows user to specify different styles to cells in angular UI Grid.

Problem Description:

When user tries to apply custom styling to cellClass the changes won’t get applied to UIGrid.

An important point to be noted is by design uigrid have its own css styles. These css rules comes from uigrid.css or bootstrap.css. So if a user tries to change the default style of uigrid, we need to make sure that the CSS specificity applied properly.

eg:- User is trying to change the background color of uigrid cell. uigrid already have a default cell background color ( grey / white) . So if user need to make change to background color of cell, we need to make sure that CSS Specificity is applied properly.


Let’s have a look at CSS Specificity. When you have two or more css rules pointing to same html element, then browser follows some rules to determine which css rule is more specific and that css rule will get applied to html element. This is called CSS Specificity.

  • ID Selector (#Someword)                              : More Specificity
  • Class/Attribute Selector (.Someword)         : Less Specificity than the ID selector.
  • html Selector (all)                                           : Less Specificity than the class selector.

If you notice above list ID selector has more priority, however we can assign priority to css selector by using !important attribute.if a css value is appended with !important, it overrides all other CSS specificity and precedence will be given to the css value with !important.

Hence in order to resolve the issue user need to make sure that user defined style sheet should have more specific css rule than the default rules from uigrid.css / bootstrap.css.

For ex: below user defined css rule will not work

      background-color : 'red' ;

Reason is default css from ui-grd.css have more specificity. So this will take priority.

.ui-grid-row:nth-child(odd) .ui-grid-cell{
background-color: #fdfdfd;
.ui-grid-row:nth-child(even) .ui-grid-cell{
background-color: #f3f3f3;

We need to provide more specificity in user defined CSS. I have used (!important ) along with css property. It works perfectly fine

    background-color : 'red'  !important;



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Finding Textbox control based on a selected row in Jquery


In this article I will demonstrate the steps to find the Textbox control from the selected row in repeater using Jquery.


We use a Radiobuttonlist to select each rows. Requirement is to disable and enable the  textbox based on the selected radiobutton value for particular row. If user selected Yes then enable the textbox and if user selected No then enable textbox. You can use the below Jquery code to find the selected repeater row and then disable and enable textbox control based on selected value.

Jquery Code

Complete Code



You can find complete source code here


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Insert functionality in UIGrid


This is a continuation of my previous articles in which I demonstrated the procedure to

In this article I will demonstrate how to implement Add new record functionality in Angular UIGrid.


I have used icons from FontAwesome Library, which is a great source for multiple icons. You can download Fontawesome icons from here.

To display message after every operation we used UIBootstrap.


You would already have the Model configured by following my previous article on loading UIGrid with data. We will directly look into the details of Adding new record in UIGrid.

You can see a sample Demo of entire functionality below.


UIGrid Updates

We will add a new button on page which responds to click event and open a modal pop up window. Users can enter the details and on save button click we will save the data to database.

AddCustomer function:

AddCustomer function will take the scope object as input which contains all values as provided by user and then save the data to database. User will also see an alert stating the status of insert operation.

Updated Angular code with Insert new Record functionality

Modal Pop up HTML

WEBAPI AddCustomer Method

You can find complete source code of this demo from github

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